Design -

Our philosophy is based on the principles of taking a holistic approach to swimming pool design.

In many cases, pools are just forced into the yard without a focus on how the space will be used. We believe that the form should follow the function.


Georgia Dream Pools is dedicated to creative pool designs that are both optimized for the space and proper for the intended use. We find that this approach leads to a more creative finished product.

Our landscape architects will help you choose the building materials that will define the finished look of the pool and landscape. The type of stone, plaster, decking materials, plants, trees and ground cover, play a significant part in how the finished product will look.

Proactive communication is another key part of our philosophy.


During the construction stage, we actively anticipate external factors that may impact the project and communicate them with our clients as needed to avoid unnecessary delays. We work closely with our clients during all stages of the project.

During the pool design stage, we communicate with the client to make sure that all desired features are included in the design. During the permitting stage, we insure that the pool design is going to meet the building codes, requirements and regulations of the city or county and the homeowners association. Incorporating features like energy-efficient pumps, LED lighting, UV water sterilization and system automation, save energy and money and make the pool easier to use.

Most of our clients will only build one swimming pool in their lifetimes and we believe that building a pool should be a pleasant experience. Our friendly and highly experienced staff provides our clients with the necessary information and services to help you keep up the pool after completion.

Our pools feature the latest technology from Jandy, Pentair, Pebble Tec and more. Photos by Georgia Dream Pools – All rights reserved.