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Atlanta Pool Contractors

Atlanta Pool Contractors, Georgia Dream Pools,  is your One Stop Source for Outdoor Living As Atlanta Pool Contractors over 30 years of experience in this field, we are dedicated to creating the highest quality outdoor living spaces.  We specialize in custom pools and spas with an emphasis on quality and customer service. Georgia Dream Pools will supply all of your outdoor living needs.  We work with you to create unique, intuitive and functional designs that

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Natural Pools – Atlanta Pool Builders

Natural Pools Natural pools are designed to have a natural look and feel. Georgia Dream Pools specializes in Natural Pools. This natural pool features a shelf entry, a spa and a BelGard Paver Patio. On this project, landscaping was added to soften the natural stone on the swimming pool and create a beautiful natural environment. All new landscaping including Cyprus tress were added to give privacy on either side of the property. Several large trees had

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outdoor living spaces

Outdoor Living Spaces should maximize the use of available space.       This project was probably one of our biggest challenges. It features a (43' x 26') freeform pool, outdoor kitchen, fireplace and a massive faux boulder swim-in grotto. Inside the grotto is a full size spa, a flat screen outdoor TV with surround sound, still with plenty of wet and dry walking room to spare.       As you walk out of

Beach Entry Pools

 Beach Entry Pools A beach entry or shelf entry pool are both very popular features. This pool features a Caribbean Blue Pebble finish which gives it the water a gorgeous blue hue like that of the Caribbean Ocean! Both of these popular features are great for kids and adults. A true graduated beach entry should begin at a zero grade and graduate down to the shallow end of the pool. Most pools do not have